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Clément Boissy | UI/UX Designer | 2017

Hi! I'm Clément

I'm a UI/UX Designer, I love minimalist design & big experiences
I'm working at Fabernovel Innovate, a great design agency in Paris

I also love cheese


Hello I’m Clément Boissy. I recently graduated from a Master’s Degree in Digital Design & Project Management at Bordeaux University. I worked for the past year at Madame Vacances as a Junior UI/UX designer. Before that, I was an intern at 10h11, a datavizualisation agency as a project manager assistant. Now, I'm working at Fabernovel Innovate, a great design agency in Paris where we are thinking the future.

I like designing great interfaces with a user centered approach. I also play guitar and I love cheese (but I already said that).

Daily UI Challenge

This is a personnal project : challenge me with 100 days of user interface design

UI Design + UX Design + Motion Design

Madame Vacances

Re-design & re-think the interface of a french holiday rental company based in Chambéry, France

UI Design + UX Design


How about a cup of coffee to meet each other ? You can reach me at or on messenger if you prefer! You can also add me on Skype and Linkedin or follow me on Behance, Dribbble and Twitter.